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npower-logoComparison of nPower rates per kWh for currently available electricity tariffs. Following our price comparison of standard electricity rates of the big six suppliers, we focus on all available rates from nPower: Standard, Price Fix April 2015, Price Protector December 2017. Which tariff is best for those that expect significant price rises or price drops? 

nPower – Overview of Electricity Price per kWh (December 2013)

nPower Tariff Fixed Till Standing
Standard Variable 0 17.23 17.2 17.2 17.2
Price Fix April 2015 0 14.87 14.9 14.9 14.9
Price Protector December 2017 0 16.85 16.9 16.9 16.9

Note: price in pence per kWh based on yearly usage of Low (2100 kWh), Medium (3300 kWh) or High (5100 kWh) electricity user based in London postcode.

Review of nPower Tariffs:

  • Standard Variable (Standing Charge: none, Unit Rate: 17.23 pence) – Fully variable, no cancellation fees, 90 pound discount if you take both gas and electricity, but at a large premium of 2.36 pence/kWh. Will cost 50-120 pounds more per year depending on usage. Best only if strong price falls (15% or more) are expected over next year.
  • Price Fix April 2015 (Standing Charge: none, Unit Rate: 14.87 pence) – Fixed, will not fall if prices fall, no cancellation fees, 90 pound discount if you take both gas and electricity. Best rate from nPower.
  • Price Protector December 2016 (Standing Charge: none, Unit Rate: 16.85 pence) – Fixed for longer, but at a premium of nearly 2 pence/kWh, 90 pound discount if you take both gas and electricity. Will cost 40-100 pounds more per year depending on usage. Best if price rises of 20%+  are expected during next three years.

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