Electricity usage 2000 kWh per person in UK

percapitaLet’s make the price per kWh of electricity more tangible. Per person we use about 2,000 kWh of electricity in the UK. This means a potential saving of 3 pence per kWh (from worst to best price per kWh) equals saving 60 pounds per person. Even better, solar panels can generate up to 4,000 kWh per year, which means they can provide all electricity for two people or half of the electricity usage of a family of four. The graph below shown how the UK electricity usage in kWh per person compares to other countries: 


As a rule of thumb, 2000 kWh per person per year makes electricity prices much more tangible, especially since electricity bills in the UK tend to be overly complex. And the gas usage is around 3 times higher, so about 6000 kWh per person per year. Note that the UK is not a very high user, but compared to Germany we can still save 15% on our electricity usage. Also, if the whole world would use the same electricity as the UK, it would require nearly three times as many power plants. Ouch!

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